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SKU: WW631
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  • 105cm - 115cm
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Ladies Plus size long Jacket with Belt Mulberry
Snow and Water Resistent With Fur layer Inside
Rs. 4,695.00
SKU: EM1728
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Plus Size For Women

Woollen-Wear is a portal devoted to marketing high quality winter wear sourced from India. It caters to the needs of men, women and children.

The women’s collection includes coats, jackets, thermals, sweaters, shawls, Kurtis and cardigans. Accessories include stoles, gloves, caps and socks.
We also have an exclusive collection of thermals for plus sized women. So, whatever be your size, you need not fear to shop at our site for thermals.

The plus sized collection includes Plus sized drawer body warmers and cream colour women’s body warmer (bottom inner wear) and Plus Size vest body warmer (top inner wear).

Thermal under wear or long johns are the best way to be prepared for a frigid wintry climate. Thermal wear is must for the women’s body under a variety of clothing. There are plenty of options for thermals to layer under your outer clothing, which keeps heat where it belongs - in the body.

Thermals will insulate you from head to toe. From plus size vests to drawers made of wool, we have you fully covered. The best thermals keep you warm always without overheating wherever you are- indoors or outdoors. When you are faced with real cold weather, snuggle inside a pair of thermals from our site.

Wool has been used as clothing material since ancient times. Despite the development of synthetic fabrics, wool remains popular for winter wear. Wool is a natural fibre, has great insulating properties, wicks away sweat and other types of moisture, is fire resistant and is light and strong.

We intend to provide you with 100% satisfaction with our Plus Sized clothing. Weight challenged women can find the site useful when they want to shop for items like Plus sized thermals.

We expedite shipping, so you can enjoy the plus sized garments you ordered as soon as possible.

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