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Baba Suit cute Embroidery

Soft and Comfortable for infants
Rs. 415.00
Colors: Dark Pink
  • Dark Pink

Age Groups Size:

Availability: In Stock
SKU: 177Cute
Brand: Kidax
Baba Suit cute Embroidery
Baba Suit cute Embroidery
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Baba Suit Embroidery Cute with Hood and Bootie
Soft and Comfortable for infants

Available in 6 Colors
Product Specification
  • Color
    Dark Pink
  • SKU
  • Weight
  • Age Groups Size
    0 - 3M, 3 - 6M, 6 - 12M, 12 - 18M, 18 - 24M
  • Style
    Cute Embroidery
  • Size
    Unisex – Upto 12 months
  • No. Of Pieces
    3 Pieces (1Top, 1Cap & 1Booty)
  • Sleeves
    Full Sleeve
    Features Included

    • Baba suit with cute embroidery
    • Toddlers size
    • Made with soft & comfortable fabric