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Pure wool Mufflers - Vertical Stripes 4.72 based on 22 reviews

Most of the retail shops near my house sell mixed or very poor quality woollen mufflers. But the ones I ordered from Woollen Wear are made of pure wool and I am extremely satisfied with them.
Bidish Das
Nov 24 2022

I was searching a nice muffler for myself online. Didn’t want to spend too much, but didn’t want to compromise with the quality as well. Woollen Wear gave me exactly want I wanted. The designs available in their portal were unique and after receiving the product, I can say that the quality is great too.
Aryan Khan
Nov 19 2022

I wanted to gift the best quality pre wool muffler to my brother on his birthday but couldn’t find one. I anxiously bought one from Woollen Wear and was surprised with the supreme quality they provided. –Koel Rath
Koel Rath
Nov 19 2022

I always used to knit mufflers for my loved ones. But after my accident I felt very bad for not being able to knit them one. The ones of bought from Woollen Wear were just as good as my handmade ones
Radhika Prasad
Nov 19 2022

I saw an ad of pure wool mufflers of Woollen Wear while browsing the internet. I thought of checking them out. The products were available in different colours and the price was also very affordable. It is a great place to shop for people who want good quality to cheap prices.
Deepak Kulkarni
Nov 15 2022

Very nice product. I have ordered on 2nd Sept and requested before 7th Sept. As i expected it reached on time via FedeX delivery. And quality wise also i am very happy. Its reached my expectation while using this in extreme cold conditions i.e nearly 0 degrees Suggestion : Try to add more quality images + different views of this particular product (if possible).
Krishna Kanth Avula
Nov 02 2022

Pure wool Mufflers - Vertical Stripes

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    Merino Wool WoolMark Certified
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    Stylish & Warm
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    Very Thin and Full Size
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    Best Workmanship Assured
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    Assured Satisfaction
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Premium Purewool Muffler Vertical Stripes
WoolMark Certified with Very Fine Quality wool
SKU: EM936
Rs. 1,595.00
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Pure Wool Mufflers

Winter is back again with all its special dishes. Say goodbye to usual collections of mufflers and step into amazing world of attractive mufflers at our online store. Yes, we at Woollen-Wear, bring you the fresh and fine collections in pure wool mufflers to dress you in style with the warmth you need. Make this winter especially yours. Nature sheds all its wonders in snow to earth from sky in winter. Enjoy it with maximum energy and enthusiasm. With perfectly designed mufflers, you can create some magical moments in this coldest season of the year.

Women can expose that specials in style and look with our excusive collection that perfectly suits with your casual saris to very special cocktail dresses. Romeos can rocket their romantic look this winter. Wear our mufflers with your favourite jeans and T-shirts. Never give out any of your favourite activities. Bring a dazzling look to make your darlings buzz around you. With high quality pure wool mufflers, you feel an extra support in winter. All of our mufflers are made from pure wool collected from India and are subjected to different level of quality and standards checks before it hits our store.

Our products are Wool Mark certified to assure maximum satisfaction for our customers. Pure wool mufflers come in different styles and colours to meet unique needs of each and every customer visiting our online store. We have kept something special for everyone in this winter. You can select from variety of ranges in checks, stripes and plains. Our online store is designed with eye-catching features to assure you with the same effect of street stores. You can find categorized listing of products with its price and related details. Enjoy shopping with your family or friends sitting in the comfort of your room.

Taking Care for Pure Wool Mufflers: Spread the muffler on a flat, Use a mild detergent, Rinse out the detergent with warm water.

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Accessories - Winter Mufflers - Pure wool Mufflers available in multiple Pattern Vertical Stripes , etc

Pure wool Mufflers

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