Designer Embroidery Stole Pink

Purewool Quality Assured Stole
Rs. 4,495.00
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Colors: Pink
  • Pink
  • Green

Designer Embroidery Stole Pink
Purewool Quality Assured Stole
Rs. 4,495.00




Length : 79 inch [+/- 2 inch] 

Width   : 29 inch [+/- 2 inch] 



Availability: In Stock
SKU: ST541
Brand: Lilly
Designer Embroidery Stole Pink
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Womens Designer Embroided stole heavy jaal with the block Aari work done allover stole in pink color made of warm pure wool fabric.This product is made of fine quilty wool & Long lasting usability. Wear this stole over your normal outfits during winter season. This stole has to be Dry clean only.
Washcare (Stole Wash Care)
  • Spot Clean
  • Dry Clean Only
Product Specification
  • Material
    Pure Wool
  • Color
  • SKU
  • Weight
  • Size
    One Size
  • Brand
  • Size
    79 inch x 29 inch [ + / - 2 inch ]
Material Used
  • Material: Pure Wool
    Best Quality Wool Used, Warm And Long Lasting, Light Weight, Natural Breathability Helps Maintain Body Temperature, Odoor Free For Longer Period
Features Included
  • Very Warm & Comfortable
  • Aari Work Allover
  • Fully Embroidery work
  • Dry clean only
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