Men’s winter combo Want to shop for winter wear? Woollen-Wear is the right place to shop online. Our website is dedicated to marketing winter wear throughout the year. We sell garments like jackets and thermal wear and accessories like socks and gloves. Winter wear for men includes vest and body warmers and bottom wear like Long johns. Also, available at here are combo offers of upper and lower garments- body warmers or vests along with long johns in a single package. Combo packages are available in pure wool, wool blend, cotton, and acrylic. Pure wool thermal combos are made of the finest wool certified by Wool mark. Pure wool, wool blend and cotton thermals are available in three types of sleeves namely sleeveless, half sleeve and full sleeves. Combos can be accessories combo, thermal combs and set of family combo is also available for those choosing to buy in bulk. Combos are great for combating cold weather. Some situations arise due to working conditions and the others due to the choice for recreation. Winter Combos help to withstand snow and rain. Combos are great for layering clothes. The thermals form the innermost layer while sweaters can form the mid layer and the outermost layer can be made of overcoats and jackets. If you wear layered clothing, one can peel away clothes layer by layer according to the state of cold or temperature. Woollen-Wear provides the men’s combo winter wear of the highest quality. One can be assured of peace of mind while ordering the product, tracking the shipment of the product, delivery of the product and after using the product. We believe in expediting shipment so that you can enjoy the product within the shortest possible time. We aim at developing a long term relationship with our customers.

Winter Combos

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