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Acrylic Wool Socks 4.96 based on 2 reviews

The ordering process was quick and easy. I had no problem finding exactly what I wanted on this site and overall I have been very happy with this experience. Thanks so much.
Ravina kumari
Jun 14 2018

I have a hammer toe on my second toe that was very painful. The toe socks keeps the bone on the big toe from constantly rubbing the second toe. WHAT A RELIEF! Great Product
Pardeep Goel
Jun 11 2018

Acrylic Wool Socks

  • 1.
    High Quality Acrylic Woolen Material
  • 2.
    Snug Fit
  • 3.
    Soft & Warm
  • 4.
    Assured Satisfaction
  • 5.
    Assured Warmness
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Acrylic Hose Top Unisex
Warm Socks with Assured Satisfaction
Rs. 205.00
  • Size
  • One Size
Acrylic Knee Cap Unisex P2
Warm & Soft With Assured Satisfaction
Rs. 395.00
  • Size
  • One Size
Acrylic Knee Cap Unisex P3
Warm & Soft With Assured Satisfaction
Rs. 505.00
  • Size
  • One Size
Acrylic Socks With Thumb P3
Warm & Soft With Assured Satisfaction
Rs. 495.00
  • Size
  • One Size

Women’s acrylic socks Woollen-Wear is a well-reputed website where you can find a treasure trove of winter wear. Our collection caters to men, women, and children of all ages. Our site features the finest winter wear sourced from India. You can browse at leisure, view the clear photos of products, get to know the prices and decide to buy whenever you please. You can shop from us anytime and anywhere at the click of a button, thanks to the technology of online shopping. Women’s wear includes items like jackets, coats, cardigans, sweaters, top and Kurtis. We also sell accessories like gloves, caps, stoles and socks. Women’s socks are available in two fabrics: Pure wool and Acrylic. Acrylic socks include Acrylic knee cap unisex and Acrylic socks with thumbs. Acrylic socks retain their shape, provide a snug fit and may provide arch support. So, when you wish to purchase women’s socks from our site, you have to first choose the length style-regular length or knee length. Next, choose the material- pure wool or acrylic. Next, choose between pack of 2 and pack of 3. Acrylic is a great substitute for wool. It is inexpensive and sturdy. It is warm, soft and lightweight. It endures very well and has good colour fastness. It is resilient, durable and resists wrinkles and shrinkage. It can resist chemicals, moths and oils and does not decay with exposure to sunlight. It can be recycled. Perhaps it’s the best quality as a material for socks is that of moisture wicking- it wicks away moisture from the skin and transfers it to the surface of the shoe. This leaves the feet feeling dry. Their moisture wicking property helps prevent blisters. We aim to provide you with 100% satisfaction with our acrylic socks for women. You can enjoy a complete peace of mind while ordering the product, tracking the product, taking delivery of the order and after using our product. You will want to visit us again and again.

Acrylic Wool Socks

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