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Pure Wool Gloves - P6 4.79 based on 15 reviews

Bought these, they are so soft and warm. Excellent quality
Dec 08 2019

This one I bought for my daughter. Excellent product. Very good quality. Fits perfectly. Reliable supplier.
Divyesh Desai
Nov 27 2019

I bought this for my daughter. Very good quality. Fits perfectly. delivery which is prompt. Reliable supplier.
Divyesh Desai
Nov 27 2019

I feel they are perfect for me.
Geeta jawalkar
Nov 22 2019

Oct 07 2019

Very nice pair of winter gloves. These are the warmest gloves I've owned in a long time. The quality seems good. Do not hesitate to buy these. Highly recommended.
Vidya Jayraman
Oct 26 2018
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Pure Wool Gloves - P6

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    Suitable for below Zero Degrees
  • 2.
    100% Purewool Woolmark Certified Gloves
  • 3.
    Good Fitting to warmness
  • 4.
    Assured Warmness
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Pure Wool Gloves Plain ladies P6
Pure Wool & WoolMark Certified
SKU: EM726-P6
Rs. 2,395.00
48 Loyalty Points
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Winter…!! It is no more a harsh season. It is now the favourite season of most of the people forgetting the ages. Children love to get indulge in winter games. Lovers love to engage in romantic walks. Families love to get engaged in weekend outings to enjoy the real beauty and chillness of snow. Thanks goes to prefect range of winter wear that makes winter the most loved season of the year. Women take extra level of thrill in winter. We at Woollen-Wear know the emotions and expectations of women and bring complete range of winter wear for them. One of the inevitable products is pure wool gloves. Protect your beautiful palms with romantic fingers from the icy winds without missing its chillness. Our pure wool gloves help you stay warm and look cool. Engage in any of the activities you love with extra layer of protection for your hands. Wool gloves are made from 100% original and high-quality wool to assure our customers with benefits of gloves in winter. Our online store brings you quality products of reputed companies to select from. Our store acts as one-step solution for all of your winter wears. Pure wool gloves are something that everyone never likes to miss in winter. Woollen-Wear provides pure wool gloves in all sizes to help you in shopping the right product for your palms. All of our gloves are Wool Mark certified to assure great level of satisfaction for our customers. Some of the important styles in pure wool gloves include Gloves plain ladies pack 2, Ladies plain gloves, Wool gloves tuck, Extra long wool gloves and more. Rates are simply surprising, and you can shop your favorite pure wool gloves starting at just Rs. 315..!! What are you waiting for? It is the right time to start your shopping…!!!

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