Pure Wool Socks 2PLY Ribbed P6

Pure Wool & WoolMark Certified
BWarm Assured
Rs. 3,330.00 Rs. 3,041.00
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Pure Wool Socks 2PLY Ribbed P6
Pure Wool & WoolMark Certified
Rs. 3,330.00 Rs. 3,041.00

Length : 12 inch [+/- 1 inch] 

Rib : 6 inch [+/- 1 inch] 

Stretched Rib : + 100% more



Availability: In Stock
SKU: EMS742-P6
Brand: Omesh
Pure Wool Socks 2PLY Ribbed P6
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Pure Wool 2 Ply mens socks upto Calf length high. Free size suits all mens. Very Comfortable wool fabric. Keeps your legs warm and cozy in chilly winters. Pack of 6 Assorted Colors
Pure Wool Socks Wash Care
  • Wash In Warm Water
  • Use Mild Detergent
  • Donot Twist
  • Donot Hang For Drying
  • Dry In Shade
Material Used
  • Material: Pure Wool
    Fine Quality Of The Wool, Warm And Long Lasting, Light Weight, Natural Breathability Helps Maintain Body Temperature, Odoor Free For Longer Period
Features Included
  • Very comfortable to wear and Cozy
  • 2 ply wool fabric to provide more warmth
  • Above Calf Length high
  • Suitable for below 0 degrees too
Product Specification
  • Material: Pure Wool
  • SKU: EMS742-P6
  • Weight: 660.00g
  • Size: One Size
  • Washcare: Wash In Warm Water, Use Mild Detergent, Dry In Shade
  • Style: 2 PLY selection Ribbed - Pack of 6
  • Size: Free
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