Customer Reviews
on 01/09/2018
I want TWO colours Black & Skin.Please deliver it before 17th December,Thanks
on 01/09/2018
Very good quality pure wool perfect fit and value for money best place to buy
on 01/09/2018
Its a very great Jacket, with very good finish. Will surely recommend it. Their customer service is also excellent.
on 27/04/2018
Loved the jacket as well as the service of woollen-wear. Highly recommended for winter clothing
on 01/09/2018
Excellent caps and pure wool nice design perfect fit Baku for money
on 21/02/2018
Good Quality Product, Recived on time. Kolkata

WOMEN WINTER WEAR Shopping for winter wear for yourself or family? We, at Woollen Wear, market different brands of winter wear from India for men, women and children. It caters to all age groups. Winter wear collection for women at our site covers a wide variety of outfits. The range includes women’s jackets, thermal wear, winter coats, winter gloves, winter socks, winter shawls, winter caps, stoles, sweaters, cardigans, Kurtis, shrugs, winter tops, knee caps, long socks, combos, and offers. Women’s wear is a great opportunity for layering clothes. Thermals can be worn as the basic and lowermost layer. Sweaters, Kurtis or cardigans can be worn as middle layer and coats and jackets can be outerwear. Also, one can wear one or two layers of accessories like gloves, socks, shawls, and stoles. You can peel off winter wear layer by layer as the temperature rises or add more layers if temperature falls. The main fabrics are cotton, wool, and acrylic. Wool is pure wool certified by Wool Mark. Acrylic is a cheaper and great substitute for wool. Women’s jackets include women’s parka jackets and women’s sleeveless jackets. Thermals include pure wool thermals and cotton thermals. Winter coats include wool acrylic long coat. Winter gloves include pure wool gloves and acrylic wool gloves. Winter socks include pure wool socks and acrylic wool socks. Winter shawls include wool blend shawls. Stoles are available in pure wool stoles and wool blend stoles. Sweaters are basic T-neck acrylic sweaters. Women’s cardigans include self-design as well as computer design cardigans. Winter Kurtis are available in a rainbow of colours and designs. Combos are available such as thermal combos, winter gloves combos, and winter socks combos. You can always find a range of offers on women’s clothing depending on the time and season. We aim to provide you with 100% satisfaction with our collection of women’s winter wear. From the time you order the product till you take delivery, you can enjoy a complete peace of mind.

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