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Pure Wool Knee Cap Unisex Assorted
Pure Wool & WoolMark Certified
SKU: E712-WS
Rs. 795.00
Bulk Pricing (Rs. 556.00 - Rs. 475.00)
  • Size
  • One Size
Pure Wool Socks 2PLY Ribbed
Pure Wool & WoolMark Certified
SKU: E742-WS
Rs. 645.00
Bulk Pricing (Rs. 455.00 - Rs. 390.00)
  • Size
  • One Size
Pure Wool Socks Diamond Brown Assorted Colors
Pure Wool & WoolMark Certified
SKU: E741-WS
Rs. 695.00
Bulk Pricing (Rs. 487.00 - Rs. 417.00)
  • Size
  • One Size
Kids Pure Wool Socks Assorted
Pure Wool & WoolMark Certified
Rs. 900.00
Bulk Pricing (Rs. 210.00 - Rs. 180.00)
  • 753 Size
  • 2 - 4Y
  • 4 - 6Y
  • 6 - 8Y
  • 8 - 10Y
Designer Acrylic Socks diamond design Assorted Colors
Warm & Soft With Assured Satisfaction
Rs. 195.00
Bulk Pricing (Rs. 150.00 - Rs. 95.00)
  • Size
  • One Size
Acrylic Knee Cap Unisex Assorted Colors
Warm & Soft With Assured Satisfaction
Rs. 245.00
Bulk Pricing (Rs. 150.00 - Rs. 115.00)
  • Size
  • One Size
Pure Wool Long Stocking Unisex Assorted
Pure Wool & WoolMark Certified
SKU: E740-WS
Rs. 895.00
Bulk Pricing (Rs. 626.00 - Rs. 537.00)
  • Size
  • One Size

Did you ask for winter socks wholesale supplier online? With a specialty in winter garments, Woollen-Wear is just the right place for you to spot the best products in winter socks. With popular designs at our disposal, we will ensure that you have everything in winter socks that your customers may need.

With high durability and temperature control design, our socks will be a prized possession for many who wishes to keep their feet warm during the winter season.

A Plethora of Options in Wholesale Men’s Socks at Woollen-Wear!

Today’s world is all about variety. At Woollen-Wear, we showcase as many options as possible for you. From sizes, colors, designs, to patterns, you will be able to find socks for all age groups. When it comes to fabrics, we also have options in acrylic wool and pure wool. With moisture-wicking technology, our socks will make sure that the wearer’s feet remain dry and free from infections and blisters. If you are looking for the ultimate place to find options in wholesale men’s socks, Woollen Wear is here for you. Take a look at our store now!

Why Choose Woollen Wear?

When it comes to Woollen-Wear, we are highly concerned about the quality of products we display on our website. Every winter socks wholesale manufacturer we source our socks from use only high-quality raw materials while designing the products. Before we can display the products on the website, we conduct several quality checks.

The products we showcase are also known for their affordability. As a businessperson, you couldn’t find a better deal on winter socks for men than in Woollen-Wear. So, why are you waiting? Start browsing through our products today and have your order delivered to you in no time. 

The Best wholesale winter socks manufacturers and suppliers

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