Winter Innerwear

Winter Inner Wear Precautionary measure of fighting the winter season is the best to provide warmth to the body through winter inner wear. Both natural as well as synthetic fabrics are being used to produce thermal inner wear and nowadays the blend of natural and synthetic fabric is in great trend. Thermal inner wear is usually worn under a shirt and layer of pants to keep the body warm in harsh winters. Generally it is of two piece clothing which has long sleeves and long legs to trap the body heat to provide warmth to the body. Another option is the short sleeve and sleeveless thermal inner wear for the professional woman to remain comfortably warmth at their job place. There are several types of thermal wear to choose from, often classified by age, gender and type of clothing. There are two types of winter thermal inner wear, men and women tops available are sleeveless, short sleeves and long sleeves vests, while for men and woman’s bottoms, there are long janes and long johns to choose from. For toddlers, boys and girls, thermal inner wear are in smaller sizes with the same type of tops and lowers.

Winter Inner Wear




WoolMark Certified, Suitable Below Zero Degrees, Pure Cotton, Pure Merino Wool


75CM, 80CM, 85CM, 90CM

Comfortable, Soft, Ribbed Cuffs, Elastic Waistline, Long Lasting

Grey, Dark-Grey

95CM, 95CM, 100CM, 105CM

Stretchable, Light Weight, Moisture Wicking, Odour Free,


110CM, 105-115CM, 110CM, 120CM


Generally common colors are skin tone or beige, black, white and grey, while the other colors are also available in matching with their outer winter wear. Long inner wear which is known as long johns is normally worn during the cold weather under the clothes in the cold countries. Thermal inner wear made from cotton or cotton-polyester blend fabric with a box weave texture. A thin layer of polyester in the thermal winter wear is being used to transport moisture away from the skin. Wool being the fire retardant provides highly effective insulation and thus in wet atmosphere it is very effective. Thermal clothing is basically thin clothing to protect the skin and the body from chilly winter weather and is being worn tightly near to the skin. Thermal wear provides effective temperature control and is very useful in perspiring due to some reason and want to remove the outer layer of clothing. Even then, due to the thermal wear the body is being kept warm in spite of removing the outer clothing. The snugly fit tight around the ankles and wrists, ensures the prevention of cold air from entering through the winter inner wear clothes. Apart from the men and women babies have immature thermo regulations and cannot maintain a normal body temperature without any help of base layer of winter thermal wear of good quality. Organic cotton do play a vital role in preventing from the elements and for babies, this organic cotton is very essential to provide the warmth and is the natural source provided by the nature, but the blended material of polyester and natural source is of great use in modern age due to its feature of wicking away the perspiration. Thus the modern blended natural of winter inner wear is very useful to all age and gender to provide the warmth in the extreme cold. The thermal inner wear is considered to be the best in modern social life as it does not retain odors and moreover it is a eco friendly which regulates the body temperature better due to its natural fibre.

Winter Innerwear

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