Characteristics of a Good Thermal Wear

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The quality of good thermal wear stays in the centre of 5 characteristics:


1. A perfect fit

Fitting of thermals wear should support your body. But it should not restrict the movement. A right fit becomes a second layer of skin. The fit of the thermal wear decides its ability to provide comfort and equal warmth distribution. An ill-fit thermal creates hot air pockets, which results in discomfort. The fit of the thermal also impacts your ability to add layers and look appealing wearing them.

2. Fabric quality

The quality of fabric is another important characteristic to care about. This characteristic involves two factors- material and weight.

The weight of the thermal fabric includes 4 types including ultra-lightweight, lightweight, midweight and heavyweight. Lightweight fabrics provide a perfect balance of heat protection and moisture management.

In terms of fabric material, you get options such as synthetic, wool, silk and cotton. Among all of them, merino wool has the best quality regarding the ability to transform moisture and keep the body warm. It also feels comfortable to wear.

3. Great performance

Thermals hug your body and stay in contact with your skin,which is why warmth can’t be the only parameter of performance. Thermals should definitely have the ability to keep your body warm. But it should be stretchable and bacteria resistant as well. Plus, the fabric should be able to provide sweat-wicking properties.

A combination of properties decides the performance of thermals. You don’t need thermals that don’t stretch, otherwise, it will restrict your body movement.

4. Stylish appeal

The appeal of the thermals also matters. Why?! Because your ability to wear other clothing depends on that. For instance, you would want to wear a sleeveless thermal clothing piece if the middle layer is a half-sleeve t-shirt. The style also changes for men and women. Women usually require broad shoulder designs.

5. Ease of maintenance

Maintenance is also a decisive factor for many people. Some materials last for a long time with simple wash and cleaning. And many don’t!

When picking good thermal wear, you have to analyze the quality with respect to every given factor. Find a balance of fabric, fitting, style, performance, and maintenance. After all of that, you can look at the price point. This is the right way of selecting a good thermal piece for yourself and everyone else in your family.

Stay protected this winter and in all the future winter seasons!