Difference between Merino Wool vs. Wool blend vs. Cotton Thermals

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In winters, you invest in thermals to prepare a winter-protection-based wardrobe. The fabric technology of thermals matters when you are making such selections. There are three major kinds of thermal fabrics available- Merino Wool, Wool Blend, and Cotton Thermals.

To help you make the right decision, this post clarifies the difference between Merino, Wool Blend and Cotton Thermals.

Merino Wool

Merino is a special kind of wool obtained from sheep from Spain and New Zealand. The sheep breed is called merino, which has given the wool type its name. This wool type is admired for its ultra-fine fibers and soft feel. They also provide impressive temperature regulation, comfort, and sweat-wicking traits as well.

Using merino wool thermal clothing allows you to have a breathable feel and protection from extreme weather conditions. The thickness can vary between 15 and 23 microns. You should know that 1 micron equals 1/25,400th of 1 inch. This should help you understand how fine merino wool fabrics are, which is why they create a comfortable and soft feel.

Merino wool thermals are created in various weights. Depending on the weight, you get the protection efficiency in cold weather conditions. You can find ultra-lightweight and lightweight choices are pretty popular among wearers.

Wool blend

Wool blend is wool fibers blended with synthetic and/or natural fibers. A wool blend fabric doesn’t get damaged easily. Washing is easy and you have to pay a cheap price to obtain it. The fabric variety allows you to pick different styles. However, wearing a wool blend can make you feel uncomfortable. It is not usually soft on the skin. The comfort level is far lower than what you receive with merino wool.


The thermals made of cotton fabric are rarely recommended. This is majorly due to the poor temperature regulation of this fabric type. Also, cotton absorbs moisture and doesn’t transform it. This increases the loss of heat and you feel chilled and wet all the time.

The price point of cotton thermals is usually lower than merino as well as wool blend. But still, they don’t get much preference in the world of thermals.

Comparing all three, merino wool, wool blend, and cotton will let you understand the importance of natural merino wool. Then, you can choose the best-suited brands to purchase thermals. There are merino wool thermals available in various sizes, colors, and styles for men, women, and kids.