What the Features of The Men's Winter Jackets?

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Men might not suffer the pain but they completely feel the cold, right? Then picking the best jackets is being important for the men to stay safe in winters.

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What is the winter jacket?

  • This garment helps the wearer to withstand rain, wind, cold and snow.
  • It contains thick insulation to help your body to be warm, even if not in motion.
  • It protects from precipitation and wind.
  • The best winter jackets for men need to have breathable/waterproof outer shell.
  • Besides being functional in extreme cold weather, the jackets also need to be styled to work perfectly for the more formal and casual occasions.
  • Lightweight jackets are used in cold weather sports.
  • Town winter jackets do come with several interesting features to add liveability and comfort-ability.

Outer shell

  • The shell is the jacket’s thin waterproof barrier.
  • It offers quality protection from snow, sleet and rain using weather-proof barrier material.
  • Using un-insulated shell during overnight winter camp trips or backcountry activities does offer more versatility with regards to layering choices.


  • Winter jacket insulation is of three types, namely synthetic fleece, synthetic fibres and down feathers.
  • Irrespective of the insulation type, effect is quite similar.
  • Insulation traps the body heat to keep you warm and cosy.
  • Higher the thickness (insulation’s loft), the much warmer you stay.
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  • It is a favourite insulator and used in most warm apparel.
  • Its unique loft volume can be retained even after several years of use if proper care and maintenance is done.
  • It compresses to small size.
  • But, they do require mechanical clothes dryer for restoring loft completely.
  • Jackets are included with weather proofing layer to ensure it can be worn comfortably outdoors even if it is wet outside.
  • It is in the form of chemical treatment or exterior fabric-DWR coating to hydrophobic down (down feathers).
  • It helps down to hold to damp environments.

Warmth and down fill power

  • Fill power indicates down quality.
  • It is volume measurement.
  • Higher fill-power down can be loftier and hence, warmer for weight relative to lower fill-power down.
  • Parka’s warmth is affected by many factors.
  • Fill power is just part of it.
  • Also is important down fill weight.
  • Fill weight is down insulation mass used in parka.
  • The two numbers, fill weight and fill power together can provide reasonable idea of the warmth offered by a specific product.


It is created from plasticized fibres spun to mimic down’s insulation properties. One major advantage derived is that when wet, clumping is not formed.

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