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Winter Jackets

Woollen wear offers wide collection for jacket for winter. All of our winter jackets are stylish and trendy. Winter jacket are available in wool fabric too. Complete quality tested. Buy with confidence.

Baby Boy Jackets View All
Toddlers Girls Quilted Sleeveless Jacket Purple
Soft & Warm Assured Satisfaction
Rs. 275.00
  • Kids Jacket Sizes
  • 6 - 12M
  • 12 - 18M
  • 2Y
  • 3Y
Toddlers Girls Quilted Sleeveless Jacket Red
Soft & Warm Assured Satisfaction
Rs. 275.00
  • Kids Jacket Sizes
  • 6 - 12M
  • 12 - 18M
  • 2Y
  • 3Y
Toddlers Girls Quilted Sleeveless Jacket Yellow
Soft & Warm Assured Satisfaction
Rs. 275.00
  • Kids Jacket Sizes
  • 6 - 12M
  • 12 - 18M
  • 2Y
  • 3Y
Kids unisex winter jacket Wine
Soft & Warm Assured Satisfaction
Rs. 395.00
  • KidsJacketSize
  • 6 - 12M

Buy Jackets: The Best Winter EssentialsFrom Woollen-Wear

Fashion is probably at its peak in today’s day and age when there is so much value vested in one’s appearance and the impression it makes. With us by your side, you can now say goodbye to shabby dressing during the chilly months for the sake of staying warm and cosy because we have got your back covered. You can now enjoy comfort without compromising on style. All thanks to our style experts who dedicate themselves to curate the most stylish jacket for winter so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

We at Woollen-Wear cater to every gender so you can give us a visit not just to build your own self a super stylish winter wardrobe but also for your entire family. We take pride in stocking a plethora of styles of warm jackets so you can find something for all the different body types. We also stock a wide range of sizes running from extra small to 4XL, so no one feels left out and unstylish during the cheerful months of winter.


Winter Jacket | Jacket For Winter -

Jacket Type



Parka’s Jacket

Olive, Black, Beige, Wine

Male, Female

Leather Jacket

Denim, Navy, Tan, Black

Male, Female

Snow Jacket

Blue, Red, Navy, Black

Male, Female

Sleeveless Jacket

Navy, Khaki, Olive, Black

Male, Female


Our store stocks a huge variety of the following jacket for both men and women so you can get to choose according to your style, budget, and overall preference.

Parka’s Jackets – Our Parka jackets are a much-coveted blend of comfort with style. Most of our Parkas have three layers to them to keep you feeling warm and cosy in the bone-chilling winter. The inner fur lining is meant to keep you feeling cosy while the middle poly lining traps all your body heat within. The outer nylon lining makes the jacket snow and water-resistant. You can find Parkas in a variety of colours and even prints for both men and women at our store. Most of them come with convenient pockets so you can stash your essentials on the go. Along with that, they also come with a detachable hood to protect your delicate ears from the abrasive winter wind and also keep your head warm. Our Parkas give a very casual and stylish look, which make them perfect for an everyday glam look.

Leather Jackets – The leather jacket is one classic clothing item which is a wardrobe essential for every man and woman who wants to look stylish effortlessly. Our leather jackets are meticulously constructed by trusted brands using only faux leather or polyurethane. So, you can don these stylish jackets without any guilt and support the cruelty-free brigade. Moreover, our leatherjackets, which are made out of PU leather, are a lot more cost-effective when compared to real leather jackets. You can find these jackets in a variant which is suitable for sub-zero temperatures and also the ones, which are suitable for the winters which are not as deadly. We stock them in a variety of colours as well as finishes and textures for both men and women so everyone can look their stylish self this winter and the winters to come. Leather jackets are a style statement on their own so all you have to do it layer them on top of simple t-shirts and jeans or a cute summer dress and completely transform your look in a jiffy.

Snow Jackets – Whether you are going on a vacation or just live in a super chilly zone of the world, snow jackets are a wardrobe essential. However, it can be quite a struggle to find the perfect snow jackets, which assure you quality in a warm tropical country like India. But not anymore! Our team at Woollen-Wear has dedicated themselves to curating the best snow jackets for you and your family. Our snow jackets have three layers just like our Parkas which promises you triple protection even against the deadliest cold weather. They are water and snow resistant so they can easily withstand a little drizzle every now and then making them perfect for unpredictable weather conditions. We stock snow jacket in fun and bright colours for men, women, and children so you can beat the dullness out of the gloomy winter days like a boss. We stock a wide range of sizes in these jackets at our store, so everyone can stay warm and comfortable during the season of chill.

Sleeveless jackets– If you experience milder weather during the winter season like most of the Indian subcontinent, then you cannot skip on sleeveless jackets. They provide you with just the right amount of warmth for the moderate climate. We stock them in cargo fabrics for the moderate winters and snow & water-resistant variant for the chilly winters. You can layer them on top of full sleeve t-shirts, jumpers, or shirt or over thick sweaters and jackets depending on the intensity of the cold. You can get these versatile pieces with an assured guarantee in quality from our online store.

Apart from all these stunning jackets, we also stock a wide variety of other winter essentials at very affordable prices. All the pieces that we display on our store go through close scrutiny under the eyes of our fashion experts,and only if they pass the numerous tests, they land up on our site. So, you can rest assured that whatever you order from us is not going to disappoint you at any cost.

We love our customers and are on a mission to save them from the widespread online scam that goes on duping people by delivering nothing that they promised. Now, you do not have to spend your hard earned money on a digitally altered clothing item, which looks totally awesome on the site but turns out to be a complete failure when they arrive at your doorstep. We assure you satisfaction from every single product you invest in from our website and give your priorities utmost attention.

We are always super happy to help you through with any query or doubt you might want to clear. So, you can give us a call anytime you wish, and we will come to your assistance immediately. We await your visit at our store and try our best to give you a happy shopping experience. 

Best Long Winter Jackets For Male, Female and Kids

Necessity and Need for Jackets

Getting a jacket for winter is necessary if you want to survive the cold effectively. It is one of those few garments that help you withstand the cold and protects your body from the harsh weather conditions without compromising the element of fashion and style. Read more

Trends of Jacket Clothing

The trends in jacket online shopping are varied. When you look at fashion wear, leather jackets are known to be quite popular. It is quite the same for sleeveless jackets as well. If you are looking for protection in the cold climatic region, you may find parka jackets the most trending option. Read more

Features of Jackets

The best winter jackets must have a comfortable and soft inner lining to support the body. The outer material must be capable enough to protect the body from harsh temperature and climatic conditions. Overall it needs to be waterproof, windproof, snow proof, and warm. Read more

Characteristics of a Superior Jacket

Warm jackets are supposed to possess some characteristics that differentiate them from other winter garments.

•    They need to be visually appealing

•    They need to keep the wearer warm

•    They need to protect against the climatic conditions

•    They need to possess ventilating properties Read more

Right Time to Wear Jackets

When you are buying men’s, women’s, and kids winter jackets, you will see that they are good enough to withstand the winter season. They are primarily designed for the harsh temperature and climatic conditions. Therefore, you can wear it during the winters or in regions with cold climates. Read more

How to Store Jackets in Summer Season

As you will not be using the winter jackets in the summer season, you must store them effectively. Before you pack them up, it is crucial to clean them. After doing so, you can make use of vacuum storage bags to keep the jackets separately in a clean, dry corner of the closet. Read more

Types of Jackets Gender-Based

The male and female bodies differ vastly because of the shape and structure differences. Therefore, the sizes in the jackets will significantly vary from one another. The types are usually the same, but the length, breath, and surface area of the jackets will be different for the two genders. Read more

Comforts in Jackets

When you look at a winter jacket, you will find them in several kinds to meet your comfort level. They are made from the material that can protect the skin against the cold temperature, snow, and rain. However to provide comfort to the wearer, the inner lining of the jackets are soft and smooth. Read more

Stuff of Jackets

The experience of online shopping jacket can be quite overwhelming when you look at the different materials used for making these jackets. The leather is a popular material used for making jackets. Denim is another fabric. Some of the other fabrics include wool, nylon, polyfill, polar fleece, and so on. Read more

Sizes of Jackets

As people vastly differ in their body shape and size, the best jackets for winter are available in multiple sizes. You will usually find them in M to 4XL sizes. The sizes will also vary between men, women, and children. Read more

Tips to Buying Jackets

When you plan on buying winter jackets for men, you have to keep certain things in mind. The budget is the first aspect that needs to be taken into consideration. The brand is another factor to keep in mind. Other than that, you can look keep the specific need, quality of fabric, size, type, and color in mind to make the final choice. Read more

Taking Care of Jackets

It is essential to take care of your jackets because they are delicate garments. Therefore, you must store them in clear and dry places. Hanging them in bags is ideal. If you have to clean, use a soft brush or cotton cloth. Following the instructions mentioned with the garment is crucial. Read more

How to Wash Jackets

Different jackets will have different instructions for washing them. It is essential to remove all the materials from the pockets before washing the jacket. Use a mild liquid detergent for cleaning the jacket. You can wash it in the machine; however, dry cleaning is also preferred. Read more

Styles of Jacket Wear Gender-Based

The bodies of men and women are different because of significant differences in their body types. Because of this reason the sizes in the jackets also differ. The preferences are also particular for males and females, and to satisfy the two sets of customers, jackets come in different colors and designs for the two genders.

Variety of Jackets Clothing

While you go for online jacket shopping, you will find plenty of options. There are casual wear jackets, parka jackets, rain jackets, snow jackets, leather jackets, and sleeveless jackets available online. Choose the one that suits your needs before buying one for yourself. Read more

Diversity among Leather Jacket, Parka Jackets, and Snow Jackets

When you look for winter jackets online at our store, you will be bombarded with options in snow jackets, parka jackets, and leather jackets. You will find them in different colors, sizes, and designs. All of them are designed using premium quality raw material to support specific purposes. Read more

Benefits of Jackets

The best winter jackets for extreme cold are designed to protect you against the cold temperature, wind, snow, and rain. It helps in keeping the body warm during the winter season. Apart from the practical purpose, winter jackets are also very visually appealing, making them a great fashion accessory. Read more

Why Buy From Us?

Woollen Wear is one of the reputed e-commerce portals to display winter jackets for women and men. All the products available on our website have to go through a series of quality checks to ensure that they are best. Apart from offering high-quality products, we also provide products at reasonable prices. 

Colours of Jackets

Jackets are available in plenty of colors in the market. You can choose the one that goes with your personality. Some of the common colors you will find in jackets are brown, grey, olive, black, navy, khaki, coffee, denim, wine, and white. 

Sleeves of Jackets Based on the Page

There are mainly three types of sleeve option you will find in jackets. They can either be

•    Sleeveless – where they do not have sleeves,

•    Half sleeves – where they cover the bicep region, and

•    Full sleeves – where they cover the entire arms. 

Know More