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Ladies Jacket belted Black Plus Size
Snow and Water Resistant With Fur layer Inside
SKU: em35982P
Rs. 6,295.00
  • Coat Size
  • 5XL
  • 6XL
  • 7XL
  • 8XL
  • 9XL
  • 10XL
  • 11XL
Ladies Jacket belted Navy Plus Size
Snow and Water Resistant With Fur layer Inside
SKU: em35982P
Rs. 5,595.00
  • Coat Size
  • 5XL
  • 7XL
  • 8XL
Ladies Plus size long Jacket with Belt Red
Snow and Water Resistant With Fur layer Inside
SKU: 35982red
Rs. 5,195.00
  • Coat Size
  • 9XL

Buy Best Winter Jackets for Women Plus Size @ Woollen-Wear

In this modern world, the people love to wear fashionable clothes and want to walk with the latest fashion. In the list of everyone, the women are at the top because they always follow the Bollywood as well as Hollywood fashion trends. Women grab what they see in the magazines or tele shows.

But the major problem is for those women who are over size; sometimes they are not able to wear the attire they wish for, especially they face this in winters. Women with a slim body can easily carry off plus size winter jackets for women. Unfortunately, the plus size clothing is an issue for the women. The plus size women always feel unhappy with their figure, and they regret every time because they also want to look in shape.

 In winters, women love to have gorgeous collection in their wardrobe. Nowadays there is a solution of every problem which includes the winter wear clothing for plus size women. In the brutal season, everyone just do only one thing and that is to cover their body with layering up the clothes to save them from the chilly wind, but in the case of overweight women, it is not possible to layer up the clothes as that can make them bulkier, which look ugly.

Women’s plus size jackets can be a real treat during the harsh winter months. Usually, people tend to avoid buying the jackets, but the jackets are the life time investment for everyone. The plus size woman should prefer to wear the fitted clothes as that can hide their tummy and can provide snug fit look. The overweight women should go with long apparels to cover their thighs.

Main Features

Women's Plus Size Jackets - Woollen-wear.in




Wind Resistant, Poly Fill, , Water Resistant

Pink, Beige,

3XL, 4XL

Fur Lining, Polyester Fur

Mulberry, Red,

5XL, 6XL

Snow Resistant, Ribbed Cuff

Black, Navy

7XL, 8XL, 9XL



Larger size jackets for the women with full figures are surfacing these days as follows:

Water resistant: In winters when the person has to go out in the rain for an important work they feel many difficulties. Today the jackets are water proof as they are useful in rainy season too to protect the wearer.

Protection: The jackets are made under the supervision of the experts to meet with the requirements of the buyer. The fabric used under the jacket is completely warm which helps to cover the body and the outer layer of the jacket is made of the fabric which traps the body temperature and work as the barrier.

Trendy: In the modern world the jackets meet with the fulfilment of the desired trendy attires. In this modern era, the women jacket is the trendier collection for every woman’s wardrobe. This is the same with respect to leather jacket for women, which is a great addition to your wardrobe.

Size: The size is the main issue for women but the jackets come in various sizes. The plus size jackets make the women look smaller and slimmer. The plus size women can use this to accent the clothes to create the most fabulous look.

Why Woollen-Wear?

Plus size ladies battle with what to wear that will make them feel great in their larger size garments. This is true even when you want to buy parka jackets women’s clothing. Lady who wears plus sizes would be in vogue and chic if she realizes how and where to explore the right garments for them. We are here to introduce with the trendy plus size jackets for women with the quality assurance.

Women - Plus Size - Jackets - Jackets available in multiple Size 3XL , etc

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