Kids Acrylic Wool Gloves P3
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Acrylic Wool Kids Gloves
Warm gloves with Assured Satisfaction
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Acrylic Wool Hand Gloves for kids Plain
Free Size - One size suits all kids
Pack of 3 pairs
Very comfortable and couzy
Made from soft and fine wool fabric

Washcare (Acrylic Wool)
  • Hand Wash By Gentle Massaging Garment And Then Gentley Squeez It
  • Use Mild Detergent
  • Machine Wash In Warm Water Using Gentle Cycle
  • Gentel Rinsing
Product Specification
  • Material
    Acrylic Wool
  • SKU
  • Weight
  • Age Group Size
    2 - 6Y, 7 - 10Y
  • Style
  • Size

  • Assured Satisfaction

  • Assured Warmness

  • Quality Assurance

Material: Acrylic Wool

  • Non Itchy
    Wool fibers are non itchy
  • Soft To Touch
    Merino wool feel soft and luxuriously gentle next to your skin
  • Non Allergic
    Non allergic fabric
  • Light Weight
    light in weight wool
  • Chemical Resistant
    Chemical resistant wool
Features Included

  • Assured Satisfaction
    Products will be upto best quality standards
  • Assured Warmness
    Keep hands warm in winter
  • Basic Style
    Plain designed gloves
  • One Size
    One free size available
  • Quality Assurance
    Long lasting durability
  • Snug Fit
    Remains very close to the body
  • Soft On Skin
    Gloves will be non itchy
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