Acrylic Hose Top Unisex

Warm Socks with Assured Satisfaction
Rs. 205.00
Colors: Brown
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Brand: Omesh
Acrylic Hose Top Unisex
Acrylic Hose Top Unisex
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Acrylic Hose Top Unisex above knee length, free size to suits all, very Comfortable wool fabric, rib on both edges for perfect fit, Keeps your legs warm and cozy. Any one random color will be shipped.

Washcare (Acrylic Wool)
  • Hand Wash By Gentle Massaging Garment And Then Gentley Squeez It
  • Use Mild Detergent
  • Machine Wash In Warm Water Using Gentle Cycle
  • Gentel Rinsing
Product Specification
  • Material
    Acrylic Wool
  • Color
  • SKU
  • Weight
  • Size
    One Size
  • Color
    Assorted Colors
  • Style
    Hose Top - Long socks
  • Size
    Free & Unisex

  • Assured Satisfaction

  • Assured Warmness

  • Quality Assurance

Material: Acrylic Wool

  • Non Itchy
    Wool fibers are non itchy
  • Soft To Touch
    Merino wool feel soft and luxuriously gentle next to your skin
  • Non Allergic
    Non allergic fabric
  • Light Weight
    light in weight wool
  • Chemical Resistant
    Chemical resistant wool
Features Included

  • Assured Satisfaction
    Products will be upto best quality standards
  • Assured Warmness
    Keep your legs warm in winter
  • Basic Style
    Plain designed woolen socks
  • One Size
    One free size available
  • Quality Assurance
    Long lasting durability
  • Ribbed Edges
    Ribbed on both edges
  • Soft On Skin
    Wool will be non itchy
  • Unisex
    Can be wore both by men and women
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