Base Layer Clothing

Base Layer Clothing

Picking the right layers to cover yourself during the winter season is more important than you think. Good base layer maintains the body temperature and will keep the cold away from setting into your body. Base layer clothing refers to thermals, and they can refer to tops or bottoms.

If you are in search for the perfect base layer clothing, we have a wide range of thermal wear. We have thermals for men, women, kids and toddlers. You can actually buy base layer clothes for your entire family only from our portal.

Why is it important?

Base layer clothing also known as thermals are extremely important for those who live in sub-zero degree temperatures. They are great to put on inside your main clothes, and they help in keeping the body temperature normal throughout the day. Sometimes with base layer clothing, you don’t need to wear extra sweaters or jackets as they are more than enough to protect your body from the cold weather.

Pros of thermals: -

We have high-quality merino wool and spandex thermals. There are many advantages of wearing thermals during winter, here are a few: -

They retain heat and merino wool thermals still work wonders even if it gets wet. You will not feel cold at all even if you are drenched in water outside.
They have anti-bacterial properties, which is why they are great for kids and toddlers. They keep the skin free from sweat and smell too. You can wear it for a week without having to wash it as the ones on our site are odour free.
Extremely warm and they work wonders for 0-degree temperature or below 0 degree too.
They are non-itchy and soft. If you have sensitive skin, you should only purchase base layer clothing i.e. thermals from our site. We have made sure that the thermals and long johns on our site are of good fabric so that people who often get allergic reactions due to poor materials are safe from it. All the materials used for our products are just as described. We guarantee high-quality and nothing less.
The spandex material fits the body well and is breathable. You will never feel suffocated or irritated throughout the day with thermals on. We have several size options so you can get the right fit.
Did you know that thermals have natural UV resistance? Well, they do, and especially, the ones made with merino wool.

You will be protected from harsh UV rays, winter cold, rain and so much more with the help of thermals. It is necessary to always have a pair of base layer clothing in your wardrobe even if you aren’t staying at a cold place. You could travel sometimes, and it can be useful then. Get the finest quality and variety of thermal wear for every member of your family at affordable prices from Woollen-Wear. Check out our collection and grab them before they are gone. Protect yourself from the cold in the right way!

Base Layer Clothing