Corporate buying Woollen-Wear is always here to provide you with the finest services. If you are planning to buy winter gifts for all your employees or a corporate event, you can get customized sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts and more from us. Whether you need it for parties, vacations, trips, big events, employees gift or anything, we have got you covered. We have exclusive services through which you can get your company logo printed on every apparel that you want. It can be on a sweater, scarf, gloves, socks and everything else. What more do we have in store for you? Well, read on to find out… Things you can buy: - Here are a few things you can purchase from our winter store for your employees or corporate clients. A winter basket – You can buy combo sets from Woollen-Wear of socks, gloves, mufflers, and other winter accessories to create a winter basket for gifting purposes. This corporate gift is suitable for everyone, and since you don’t have to guess sizes with socks or gloves, you can just pick various colours. This is a great gift idea for the annual events and holiday season, and it can be an incredible plus useful gift for all the employees. This corporate hamper can be sent to important clients too along with Woollen-Wear’s gift card! Gift cards – If you are not sure what to get your employees or corporate friends, you can always find gift cards on our site. They start from Rs. 500 and go up to Rs. 10,000! It depends on your budget as to which gift card will be suitable. We have many other gift card options like Rs. 2000, Rs. 5000, etc. You can just give them these cards, and they can make their purchases from our portal. This idea works wonders as you might not know what they will like so it is appropriate to pay for their order through this medium and let them pick what they want. Customized apparels – Planning gifts for a small team or a corporate picnic to a cold place? Well, you can now get personalized winter clothing from us. You can get your company logo printed on the sweaters or jackets for your corporate event. This will not just be helpful during the trip or event but also represent your company. Most corporate companies design their own t-shirts, but here you cannot only get thermals customized with a logo but everything else also! So now get socks, jackets, sweaters, hoodies and much more personalized for a corporate trip. Just for the women – Are there many women in your office? You can surprise them by purchasing various winter apparels. The best two picks are the Pashmina shawls and wool kurtas we have. You can just ask someone to collect sizes, and we can help you with the order. We have impeccable quality shawls that will go with every outfit, and you don’t need any sizes for that at all. Plus, we have exclusive wool kurtas that will protect them from the cold. We sell wool kurtis made with high-quality fabric, and they are extremely comfortable to wear throughout the day. We have several designs, sizes, patterns, and colours to pick from. This is one of the best gifts you can give your employees or get these customized for a corporate trip. For the men – Not every man would invest a lot in buying parka jackets or high-quality woollen jackets that work for sub-zero degree days and are wind resistant due to the price. If you are planning a corporate gift for the men in the office or important clients, you can get them parka jackets from our portal as they are affordable. With being inexpensive, the jackets are of the finest quality. They are the best you will find in the market, and we have sizes till 8XL! We also have dapper wool blended coats, trench coats, waistcoats and so much more. You can actually buy an extensive range of products for men and women on our site. For the family – Woollen-Wear is a portal designed for everyone. Whether you want winter wear for kids, toddlers, men, and women, you can find here. Those planning corporate gifts or hampers for their employees or business partners can buy a few items from each category like kid’s sweaters, women shawls, etc. to make a big corporate winter hamper. This is a great idea as you will have winter holiday gifts for families too! If you have a big order, then you can talk to our expert, and we will help you create exactly what you need. We are always here to support you when it is related to winter apparels and everything about winter. Why Woollen-Wear? We are India’s exclusive winter store that sells winter wear throughout the year. We have every winter apparel that you need to survive the cold. Our prices are economical and suitable too plus we never compromise when it comes to quality. We provide quick delivery options and easy returns, and moreover, our catalogue is filled with options. You will find clothes for every age and gender on our portal. From thermals for adults to thermals for kids to sweaters for toddlers and wool kurtas, we have all the variety you require this cold season. You will only find wool kurtas and clothes that work wonders for 0-degree temperature. We have jackets that are wind and snow resistant! Do we need to say more? When it comes to corporate events, gifts or trips, you need to make sure you buy top notch wool clothing for employees, so they are comfortable. There is no better place to get bulk corporate winter gifting clothes other than Woollen Wear. So, speak to our expert or our team members to get customized logo sweaters, hoodies, sweatpants, socks, or any other wool apparel for your employees. We guarantee you that you will love every product, and you will be astonished to see how inexpensive our rates are! So, start shopping right away!

Winter Wear For Corporates

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