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Group Travel Are you a group of friends, a large family or just a bunch of office workers travelling together? You can now buy exciting apparels for vacations and trips from Woollen-Wear. We have several options when it comes to all things winter. You can buy combo packs for the entire group from our portal and use it for your vacation! That is not all, read on to find out some exciting things we have in store for you and your entire group. Apparel for women – We have shawls, jackets, sweaters, hoodies, sweatshirt and pants, thermals, wool kurtas, mufflers, beanies, etc. You will find high-quality winter wear for women in various colours, sizes, patterns, designs, and prices. If you love shopping, then this is the right place to splurge as you will get essential winter clothes from here. You can buy a bunch of things for all the women in the family or group from the site like the combo socks pack, beanies combo pack, etc. For men – Like for women, we have a plenty of options for men too. We have excellent Parka jackets, wool blended coats, thermals, sweaters, hoodies, zippers, socks, beanies, gloves, etc. You will find that all the fabrics used to create the products are of top-notch grade, and they will last for ages. Other than this, few of the jackets are suitable for below 0-degree temperature too that means you and your group can wear it when going on a vacation to a cold city like London. For kids – Yes, you are reading right! We have a special section just for kids of age 3 to 12. Woollen-Wear is that one portal where you can find everything and anything for any age group or gender. We have the most adorable sweaters, thermals, accessories and more for children. You can buy apparels for kids, women and men when going on a family vacation. You can also find accessories that are useful for a school like socks, winter caps and gloves. These are necessary items that every child should wear in the harsh weather. Toddlers – Surprised? Well, you can find fleece blankets, baba suits, baby suits, sweaters, thermals, and everything cute for winter for toddlers! If your little one is 6 months or 2 years old, you can find a wide range of winter high-quality wool clothes for them. It is extremely important to get essential accessories and clothing for your little ones as the winter can affect them the most. We have non-itchy, good grade material clothing for tiny tots. Benefits of buying from Woollen-Wear? You can purchase apparels for the entire group as we have clothing lines for women, men, adults, teens, kids, and toddlers. We also have a range of sizes that go up to 8 XL! We are India’s exclusive portal that provides winter clothes, and it is our job to have extra sizes plus options in every department for customers. We make family group shopping easy. Going on a trip? Need clothes for everyone urgently? Place an order on Woollen-Wear! Yes, we have quick delivery services, and we assure you that all are sizes fit perfectly. Other than this, our clothes are just as described and seen in the picture on the website. You will never have issues with either the size, colour, design or material being gimmicky. We assure you that every product on the site is just as described so you need not worry about receiving any false item. Other than options and quick delivery, we also have an easy return policy, and you can exchange the product if the size doesn’t fit you, or you have issues with the product. We make sure our customer service fulfils all your needs at the earliest. Did we mention how inexpensive our prices are? Well, Woollen-Wear has the finest prices in the market. When making a group purchase for similar items from different categories, you can actually save quite a lot as we have special ongoing sales all the time. Keep checking our offer zone to get all your group winter wear at best rates. The unique collection is what we are all about. We have things like Wool kurta, toddler thermals, 0-degree, wind, and snow resistant jacket, etc. These are a few things you will never find on any winter store. We have useful, unique, quirky, and supreme quality products, which audiences will wear throughout the season. We know what people require during winter, and we try our best to provide everyone with brilliant clothing. All the clothes and accessories on our website are checked before they are put on sale. We take all the efforts to go through every piece to check the material, sizes, colours, and how helpful they would be. Our woollen clothes are odour-free, non-itchy, soft, and comfortable. Every item you buy from Woollen-Wear is guaranteed comfortable, flexible, and extra soft. You will not have hassles to wash it too much or take over to the top care of it. Why group purchase? If you have a large family, it is the best to buy in bulk and group so you can just place the order together. You can also save a little when you make the total order. If you are all going on a family vacation, trip or going with friends, you all can order at the same time, so it is delivered at the earliest. We have combo sets, which are a great way to purchase items in bulk for every member of the family. Our socks, gloves, caps, and a few other accessories are of a free size, and the colours are classic ones so that they work for any gender. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best group clothes from the biggest winter shopping hub in India. Start buying right now to grab your favourite pieces before they are gone! Buy stylish winter apparels for your group travel today.

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