Merino wool or Cotton: Buy the best thermal wear in Allahabad


We all know that thermals are an essential part of the winters if we want to remain warm and cosy. However, for effective heating up of the body and remaining warm, you need to know which kind of thermal works best in which kind of winter.


Thermals come in various materials, the most common ones being cotton and woollen. Now how do you decide which one is best suited for the winter months India? To get a complete understanding of which one will be best as a thermal wear in Allahabad, we need first to understand the difference between the two types of thermals that are most commonly available here- wool and cotton.


What are woollen thermals?


One of the most expensive and precious wools that are available in the market today is Merino wool. This wool is a natural alternative to a synthetic base layer, and it is far better for your skin. The basic feature of merino wool is that it is soft and it works wonders when it comes to controlling odour. For this reason, merino wool socks are a particular favourite when it comes to controlling the odour from smelly feet. These are no doubt much warmer than synthetic body warmers or cotton thermals. One big advantage of merino wool is that it helps in regulating your body temperature, and hence it does not heat up beyond measure. It acts like a natural regulator. Essentially, they are meant for temperatures that drop below freezing point and hence are naturally much warmer than the synthetic or cotton ones. If you are planning to visit a country where the temperature drops well below freezing point, and you wish to purchase Merino wool thermals in Allahabad, then the best place to shop from is Woollen-Wear.


What are cotton thermals?


Cotton thermals are warm and soft and they are perfect for winters that the plains of India experiences. The major benefit that cotton thermals has is that it can retain moisture and helps in preventing your skin from becoming too dry during the winters. They cost much less than woollen thermals and hence are the more pocket-friendly options. When it comes to shopping for a body warmer in Allahabad that will be ideal for the winter in the city, it is best to go for a cotton one and that too only and only from Woollen-Wear.


Difference between cotton and woollen thermals


The major difference between these two types of thermals is that while the merino wool is perfect for temperatures below freezing point or sometimes a little warmer, cotton thermals are ideal for the winter months that we face in the plains of India. Cotton thermals do not have the insulating property that a merino wool one functions upon, and hence, it is meant for lesser cold temperatures.


If you want to purchase inner wear in Allahabad, whether it may be cotton or woollen, or men or for women, for kids or toddlers, or half sleeves or full sleeve ones, then the name that you can always trust is Woollen-Wear! Happy shopping!


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