A joyful purchase at your home!

It is freezing in almost every part of India, and if you are in Assam, you need some excellent thermal wear today. Whether you might be in the smallest town of Assam or the most popular area, we will make sure to bring to you the best thermal wear in Assam to you. We at Woollen-Wear are focused on shipping joyful packages that will protect you from the winter cold till your doorstep. We provide quick delivery and make sure our parcel is packed well. We guarantee 100% satisfaction at the most affordable rates.

Why buy thermal wear?

Thermal wear and body warmers are extremely essential. It was predicted in early 2016 that India would have a few days when the winter breeze can be too much to handle.


  • Safety – Body warmer in Assam will protect you and your kids from the constant breeze. In winters the temperature go as low as 10 degrees, and it can go further lower in Guwahati which clearly means that you need thermal wear. This is the case every year in Assam, and that is why you must wear body warmers for safety.

  • Comfort – Who doesn’t want to be comfortable during winter time. Everyone wants to be cosy and warm. You can buy thermals for men, women, kids, and toddlers from Woollen-Wear exclusively, which will assure keep you warm throughout the day. It will not only keep you warm, but you will be comfortable wearing it throughout the season. It is easy to manage and to put on.

  • Easy maintenance – We have the high-quality thermal wear of merino wool fabric, pure wool, lycra, spandex and more. All the fabrics used are of top notch grade, and they do not catch any fragrance at all. The wool ones will go on for days without having any odour. They are easy to maintain, and you can just hand wash them to clean it up. Sounds great, right? If you are looking for incredible merino wool thermals in Assam, you are at the perfect spot. We guarantee warmness and complete satisfaction from the product.

  • Variety – Like we mentioned earlier, we have thermal wear for kids, women, men, toddlers and basically everyone. Along with this, we also have countless size choices and colour options that you will be confused which one to get. We cater to a large audience, and that’s why we keep several sizes, so the thermals fit you perfect. You can also get thermals in vests, full sleeves, half sleeves, long johns, half pants style and more.

  • Reasonable – Lastly, we have reasonably priced thermals for every age group. You will not find such high quality, comfortable, flexible and thermals that work for 0-degree temperature anywhere else at such a rate.

What are you waiting for? Get the finest inner wear in Assam only from Woollen-Wear. You can place your orders on our site through your laptop or phone, and we will make sure to deliver it right on time at your door!


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