Plan a trip to the mountains with the right thermal wear

Are you thinking about going on a trip to the mountains any time soon from Hyderabad? Want to make sure that you have packed all the winter essentials that will keep you warm and cosy in the harsh chills of the mountains? Well then do not forget to pack your thermals!


Since Hyderabad winters are fairly pleasant, you might not easily find just the right kind of thermals at a store here. But worry not, you have Woollen-Wear!


What is Woollen-Wear?


Woollen-Wear is the one and only exclusive store for winter garments in India. From coats, cardigans to thermals you will find everything. We are based in Ludhiana but we ship our products to every corner of the country! So, when you shop with Woollen-Wear, you can get your preferred thermal wear in Hyderabad!


The collection at Woollen Wear


Our online shopping store boasts of a lovely collection of winter garments and every type of thermals that you can possibly imagine. You will find thermal wear for kids and elders as well. From crawling toddlers to elderly people - everyone will find a thermal of their choice here. The greatest advantage of the collection here is that we have merino wool thermals. Made from the world famous merino wool, these thermals are great when it comes to insulation. Advantage? It keeps your body temperature regulated and within range so that you do not get heated up too much, which is often a problem if you wear too much woollens while wearing thermals. On top of it, merino wool is also odour resistant, and hence, you will not have to deal with smelly thermals anymore, and if you shop from Woollen-Wear, you will have your merino wool thermals in Hyderabad, delivered right to your home. However, these thermals are a little bit expensive and hence if you want to go with a cheaper option try out the cotton thermals that are also available here!


How to shop from Woollen-Wear?


Suppose you want a body warmer in Hyderabad! Then browse the page and check out the thermals section. Select the ones that suit your need and then place your order online. Then key in the address details of your place in Hyderabad. You can either pay the cash online through a secured payment gateway or you can opt for the Cash on Delivery option. Just within a week or so, your order product will be delivered right at your home in Hyderabad. Yes, it is that simple and easy!


Customer satisfaction at its best


When you shop from Woollen-Wear, may it be a warm inner wear in Hyderabad or any other winter garment, you will get the best quality products. We deliver what we promise and hence you will have a great shopping experience here!

So, if you want to make sure that you have just the right thermals for your trip to the mountains, always trust Woollen-Wear with the products that you need. Happy shopping!



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