Get varieties in a single store!

Yes, you heard it right! If variety is what you are looking for, Woollen Wear is the ideal choice for you. Believing in providing diverse varieties to its customers, we have evolved as a diverse brand of woollens in the market. Woollens of kids, toddlers, adults segregated to women’s and men’s collection are provided here offering a platter of options to select from. Whether you are looking for sweaters with collars, pullovers, jackets or parka’s, the winter collection at Woollen Wear has everything with them. We also take pride of our shipping services, which vouch the safe delivery of the products at your doorsteps.

An essential component in winters is thermal wear. In order to buy woollen wear in Kolkata, look for different types of thermals, which ensure complete protection against cold. Woollen and cotton thermals are offered, which are sewn from different types of fabric, however each one embarks desired warmness without hampering the comfort level of the customers. Thermals are available in different sizes and for everyone (children and adults).

Toddlers have a special section with rompers, baba suits and jackets specially designed for them. Further, vests, pyjamas and gloves are also offered, which suit the body and the structure of the toddlers. Special care is taken to make them look chic and stylish for kids. Snow suits are also provided, which can be customized as per needs and desired. In short, a complete package of children woollen wear is offered by woollen wear.

One is sure to enjoy shopping while buying woollen wear in Kolkata as plethora of options is available for adults. Varying shades, designs and patterns are offered for coats, parka jackets, sweaters of different kinds and length, caps made of acrylic, mufflers, gloves and boots. Varying lengths with ample colour combinations make it ideal to suit the taste bud of one and all.  In addition, woollen bed sheets and linings are also offered in different patterns.

Woollen attire is intrinsically cast for party wear options too. Ranging from embroidered shawls and stoles to stone studded jackets and coats, the party wear section of winter collection is simply mesmerizing. Reversible acrylic caps and fashionable scarves are sure to add in an oomph factor to the party look. Hand crafted embroidery patterns with studs and embellishments are the perfect ingredient, which extends the woollens with the party appeal.

Customized patterns of woollen make Woollen Wear a popular platform for buyers. Diversity is etched in its every clothing item, which moulds a unique pattern carving a special niche for itself in the genre of woollen wear.


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