We Bring Your Purchases to Your Doorstep


Oh, yes, you read it right!


It does not matter where you are located in Mumbai. Just let us know what manner of winter clothing and accessories you wish to purchase for your family and yourself; we, at Woollen-Wear, will ship them safely to your residence. You need to receive good value for money; we need to protect our reputation. Both, quality and customer satisfaction are 100% guaranteed, even at perfectly reasonable prices.


Neither the kids nor the adults in your home may wish to be burdened with heavy clothing as they go about your daily duties at home or at work. Thermal wear would be the ideal choice in such a situation. Whenever you plan to buy woollen wear in Mumbai, opt for comfortable leggings and undershirts supplied by our company. We assure you that they are wonderfully light yet warm, soft and breathable. You decide if you wish to don sleeveless, half-sleeved, or full-sleeved winter apparel.


Thermal wear will prove inadequate during outdoor trips and long-distance travel, especially for young children. Do not worry, for we have a collection of ordinary suits, snowsuits, rompers, jackets, vests, pyjamas, gloves, socks, booties, mufflers and caps, awaiting your perusal at our online shop. They are suitable for all age groups, regardless of gender. Therefore, buy woollen wear in Mumbai, before you begin your vacation trip. You might even purchase cuddly, warm bed sheets if you like their designs.


Are you wondering if we have anything for adults, or if our portal is just meant for youngsters? Stop wondering, for we have an extensive range of parkas, sweaters, jackets of varying lengths, coats, shawls, party wear, cardigans, stoles and winter accessories on display in the men’s and women’s categories. The details of each outfit, as well as the pricing for each one, are outlined on different web pages; please go through them carefully before making your final purchases. Additionally, do not forget to browse through the sections mentioning winter deals and combo packages. We know that you love bargains!


The advent of winter cannot prevent you from attending celebrations, weddings, or parties. We have well-designed, marvellously embroidered, lightweight, durable and warm kurtis for women. Created from wool or acrylic, they are resistant to moisture, bacteria, insects and mildew. The men may opt for stylishly trendy winter coats and accessories.


You will be pleased to know that adult winter clothing at Woollen-Wear has been customized to suit diverse occasions. Let your imagination soar, as you work out the mix-and-match combinations that will complement your personality. Ultimately, your “look” is your choice. You may strive to look chic, casual, trendy, or sophisticated.


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