Keep Warm The Trendy Way!

Shopping for woollen wear has become simple and easy! Visit Woollen-wear.in, a portal that markets the best of winter wear from India.  With a huge network throughout Punjab, we are able to deliver winter wear of your choice to your doorstep.

The portal concentrates on the targets of quality, variety and affordability. Winter wear collection at our site is unmatched in these three aspects. We believe in retailing high quality garments and accessories at reasonable rates.

When you intend to buy woollen wear in Punjab, one must keep the climate in mind. They have very hot summers and very cold winters. Winter wear therefore must be extremely warm. At the same time, it must be lightweight and airy for wearing comfort.

Thermals are an important garment for winter wear in Punjab. Designed as a thin layer, its fabric is very warm protecting the body from the severe cold outside. While layering clothes, thermals are the inner most layer, next to the skin. So, it must be soft and cosy, as well as warm. There several options for thermals including sleeveless, half sleeve and full sleeve which consists of fabric that is both insulating as well as breathable.

Our winter wear collection is meant for toddlers, kids, men and women. For toddlers, there is an extensive range like fleece blankets, baba suits, booties, rompers, gloves and socks. One can choose from different colours, fabrics and designs. Kids collection keeps them comfortable with outfits like cotton and woollen thermals, jackets, socks and gloves.

For adults, men and women, we have a range of woollens like thermals, coats, jackets, sweaters, cardigans, etc. and accessories like gloves, socks and mufflers. For women, there are shawls and Kurtis as well as stoles, caps etc.

Shawls, Kurtis and Stoles come with wonderful embroidered choices also which are ideal for formal wear like cocktail parties and social do’s.  Winter wear collection at our site is not the usual boring, run of the mill designs. The sheer variety and colours will blow you away.

Most of all, winter wear is of high quality with wool being certified for authenticity by Woolmark. Thus, shopping at our site is risk free. We make sure that you get exactly what you ordered by proper processing and labelling of order which is also shipped to your door step in the fastest possible time using a reliable courier. Shopping is easy and fun and is bound to leave you 100% satisfied.


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