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Premium Pure Wool Caps - P6 4.8 based on 11 reviews

Quality is good and smooth, satisfied with the product quality and delivery. Will recommend this Cap to others also
Md Rameez Mallick
Apr 07 2023

Quality is good and smooth, Satisfied with quality and delivery. Will recommend to others
Md Rameez Mallick
Apr 07 2023

Excellent caps and pure wool nice design perfect fit Baku for money
Satish K V
Sep 01 2022

Very good quality pure wool perfect fit and value for money best place to buy
Satish K V
Sep 01 2022

I work in the wildlife sector and am spending early mornings in the wilderness, this cap has kept me really warm and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Absolute value for money!!
Jan 01 2021

I live in Bangalore & winters are severe! I got this one for myself & a lighter gray for my wife.! It is very well made & I wear mine every day. They look good on anyone, especially people who never wear caps because they think they look goofy... like me.
prem gupta
Jun 20 2020

Premium Pure Wool Caps - P6

  • 1.
    100% Purewool Woolmark Certified Caps
  • 2.
    Stitchless Design
  • 3.
    Double Layered Caps
  • 4.
    Assured Quality Satisfaction
  • 5.
    Assured Warmness
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Pure Wool Plain Cap Combo P6
Pure Wool Woolmark Certified Unisex Cap
SKU: EM790-P6
Rs. 4,170.00
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  • One Size

Pure Wool Caps.....!

Have you set everything ready to make this winter special season of the year? Then it is fine. Keep in mind that your winter wear purchase is certainly incomplete without wool caps. Yes, how can you forget this small accessory that gives extra level of protection to your head and hair at the same time gifting a trendy look? We at Woollen-Wear brings you real wonderland of beautiful pure wool caps to make your winter grooming something special.

Our wool caps are made from 100% original wool collected from India. Wool caps enjoy hot market in almost all important winter destinations of the country. But, if you give importance to quality and durability, it is certainly a good idea to make your shopping at our online store for winter wear. Pure wool caps are available for everyone in spite of gender and age. Elevate your look to next level. Select the best one from our amazing collection of pure wool caps. Kids can keep their naughtiness, lovers can double the thrill of romance, women can keep that sexy look, Romeos can rock n roll with special look and more specials in cap for everyone.....! Yes, we have something special for everyone.

Pure wool cap from our online store assure the warmth you need to withstand the severe effects of chillness. All of our products are wool mark certified to assure that extra level of quality for our products. We showcase quality products of reputed companies in our stores. Some of the hot picks in pure wool caps in our store include Reversible Jacquard Stripes, Reversible Cap Combo, Half Reversible Cap, Ribbed Cap, Ribbed Monkey Cap and more. Watch our wonderful collections in pure wool cap starting at just Rs.540..! With fast and safe shipping services, we deliver your pure wool cap right at your door steps..!

Taking care for Pure wool Caps: Spread the cap on a Flat Drying rack, Never Hang Wool, Use Lukewarm Water and a Mild Soap, Wash on the Gentle Cycle, Do not Stretch.

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