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2 % Cashback on Pure Wool Socks - Hose Top

Pure Wool Socks - Hose Top

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Pure Wool Hose Top Unisex
Pure Wool & WoolMark Certified
Rs. 575.00
Rs. 12 Cashback
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Women pure wool socks We, Woollen-Wear, are the best for purchasing the best of winter wear from India. All are welcome- we have something for all men, women and children. Winter wear for women includes a collection of items like jackets, coats, cardigans, sweaters, thermals, Kurtis and accessories like caps, gloves, socks and stoles. Women’s socks are a popular item on the site. They are available in two types: Pure wool and acrylic. Pure wool socks are of the highest quality and are certified for its authenticity by Wool Mark. Pure wool socks include pure wool knee cap unisex, pure wool hose top unisex, pure wool long stockings unisex, plain pure wool socks, pure wool socks with thumb, and pure wool anklet socks. You can choose from packs of one, two or three pairs. Wool is an exceedingly nice fabric for protection from cold. It provides warm due to its nature of high insulation. Fibres trap air and do not allow heat to escape from the body. Fibres of Merino wool, which are fine and itch free have replaced the itchy scraggy wool socks worn by previous generations. Their biggest plus point is that they are thermostatic (regulates temperature) so you feet remain cosy in a wide range of temperatures. Wool also has good moisture managing property. Wool can absorb moisture up to 30% of its weight. This helps feet stay dry in moist conditions. Wool is useful in both warm and cold conditions. It provides cushioning for feet. We aim to provide you with 100% satisfaction with our pure wool women’s socks. You can browse our site at leisure, view the different colours and prices and take your time to make a decision to order. Once a order is placed, we expedite shipping as we want you to enjoy the product as soon as possible. We aim to build an enduring relationship with you.

Women - Women Winter Socks - Pure Wool Socks available in Type Hose Top , etc

Pure Wool Socks