WoolMark : Machine washable Wool

Anthropologists believe the use of wool came out of the challenge to SURVIVE. Humans in the Neolithic age loose animal pelts as clothing for protection and WARMTH.
The wool of the sheep is one of the most practical to use. Currently Global wool production is 1.3 million Tonnes per annum of which 60% goes into apparels.

Facts about wool:-

Wool is the most complex, breathable fibre on earth. Wicks away moisture leaving the body at a comfortable and constant temperature all evening.
Capable of absorbing and rapidly evaporation body vapor for dry, comfortable warmth.
Keeps heart rate calm and blood pressure low.
Keeps heat down and humidity low.
Historical used in both climates the heat of the desert and the coldest arctic climates.
Dry porous nature keeps out dust mites.
Wool fibre has a natural “crimp” like a coiled spring; springness keeps garments eternally fluffy & soft.
The natural, three dimensional structure of wool which could never be reproduced synthetically creates millions of air pockets to provides soothing support and regulate temperature & humidity.
Naturally fiame resistance, due to its unique chemical structure and natural moisture content; no need for use of chemical fire retardants.