Taking care for Thermals

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You don’t buy thermals for one winter season. You probably want to use them in the coming years as well,which is why taking care for your thermals is an important part of having them.

First of all, you should carefully understand the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your thermals. With that knowledge, you can combine the following tips for taking care of thermals:

Cotton thermals

Cotton thermals require a careful wash method. Otherwise, they shrink easily. So, you need to use cold water only to wash them. They will take a long time to dry. Moderately quicker drying is possible if you use air-dry. Also, you should avoid the process of hanging them. Regular hanging positions will increase the length of the thermal after a while. This will ruin the shape of the thermals. You can lay the thermal on a flat, clean surface.

Silk thermals

Silk thermals are very delicate and light in weight. You can wash them with your hands. Don’t put too much pressure on the fabric. If you choose to use a washing machine, select a delicate setting. Harsh cleaning methods will tear the fabric of the thermal clothing. So, definitely take care of that.

Wool thermals

Wool thermals require the same caring as cotton ones. So, you need to remember the hazards of using warm water, hanging the thermals and using harsh soaps.

Use cold water to hand-wash the thermals or select delicate settings of your washing machine. After washing, place a towel on a flat surface and lay the wool thermals on it.

Merino wool thermals

Merino wool thermals contain extra fine fabrics weaved with highest standards. These thermals are washable in machines as well. The durability of this type is pretty higher from other materials. There is no need to worry about shrinking or stretching.

Synthetic thermals

Synthetic thermals take no time to dry. Maintaining the quality of these thermals is easy with respect to other types. They have a synthetic fabric combination easily washable in warm water. You can wash these thermals inside out for maximum results. In fact, you can even dry them in your dryer without worrying about any damage. Hand them as many times as you want, they don’t lose their shape.

The maintenance is easiest when you have synthetic thermals. But if you want the perfect balance, merino wool thermals are best in terms of comfort, quality, durability and quality maintenance.