How To Wash Thermals

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Everyone interested in knowing how to wash wool thermals should know that the right way to wash wool thermal underwear is to wash them in the cold water cycle to prevent shrinking. Drying them can also be problematic. A warm dryer cycle may end up in the shrinking of the underwear. Just machine air-drying can be fine. Hanging them up to dry may end in the underwear losing their shape a bit. So, the best way is to let them dry naturally, spread flat on a towel. Every other alternative may mean some shrinking, loss of shape and the need to replace them.

Hand wash is much useful when you own woollen thermals. Make use of lukewarm water and a mild detergent to get the job done. It is essential that you rinse thoroughly. Most woollen thermals can be washed using a washing machine. You need to select the delicate option when you are cleaning wool thermals along with a short spin cycle. In both the cases, ensure that you use line drying method instead of tumble drying.

Wool Blend Thermals – These thermals are known for softness, durability, and warmth. It is known to provide a sleek and comfortable fit. If cared properly, it can stay in shape for several years.

You can wash them with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. These thermals can be machine-washed using the same technique as in woollen thermals. After rinsing, you can spread it flat for air-drying.

Cotton Thermals – These are the cheapest thermals and can be useful when you do not have a very active lifestyle. Use warm water with a mild detergent. It is essential that you rub the garment gently because it can soak all the soapy water. Keep rinsing till you remove all the soap. For machine-wash make sure that you use a soft detergent and cold water. Select the delicate wash cycle while washing the thermals. After you are done with washing, keep the garment flat for air-drying.

How to Wash Thermal Wears?


In extreme conditions, when temperatures are well below the freezing point, it is windy and is snowing around, then, one need nothing but woollen thermals as the first layer protection on the body. The thermals fit well, can be given an anti-bacterial treatment that does not wash away, and they wick fast.

Hand-Wash Method

1. It is better to give woollen thermals a hand wash. This is done by using warm water and a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly.

2. Do not tumble dry woollen thermals. Use line drying for them.

Machine-Wash Method

1. Most woollen thermals can be machine washed. But use warm water and a mild detergent. Use the delicate or the wool washing cycle of the machine. Opt for the short spin cycle.

2. Do not tumble dry the woollen thermals. Line dry them.


Wool-blend thermals combine warmth with softness and durability. It produces a sleek, comfortable fit. It holds its shape for years.

Hand-Wash Method

1. Wool-blended thermals can be hand washed in warm water, using a mild detergent.

2. After thorough rinsing, the thermals should be spread flat on a surface for air-drying.

Machine-Wash Method

1. Wool-blended thermals can be machine-washed, using warm water, mild detergent, the delicate or wool setting of the machine and the short spin cycle.

2. After a thorough rinsing in warm water, spread the thermals on a flat surface to air dry.


Cotton thermals are cheap. It is useful only as a base layer when the user is going outside but not going to be very active.

Hand-Wash Method

1. All cotton thermals can be hand washed in warm water, using a mild detergent. The cotton thermals may be soaked in the soapy water for about ten minutes, rubbed gently at the soiled spots and then rinsed long enough to remove all soap.

2. Cotton thermals are to be spread on a flat surface to air dry.

Machine-Wash Method

1. Most cotton thermals can be machine washed in cold water in combination with a soft detergent. The wool or delicate cycle of the machine is to be used.

2. After a thorough rinsing, the cotton thermal garment should be spread on a flat surface for air-drying.


The thermal wear users must keep in mind that regular ironing can be performed at a low-temperature setting of 110 ℃. Do not go in for dry cleaning of the thermal wear. And it should not be bleached.


A large number of thermal wear manufacturers are now competing for a share of the market. They come out with instructions on how to wash the brand. They claim that the recommended way of washing will retain their properties. However, every thermal wear will lose some of its potency with every wash. Also, there is a possibility of the user’s warranty being void if the washing instructions are not followed. So, there is no alternative to following the instructions, at least until the warranty period is over.


It will always be better to keep the number of washes as low as possible. A simple spill of some food item can be spot cleaned. A slightly sweaty aura can be got rid of by handing the thermal underwear in an airy place for five-six hours.

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