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WoolBlend Thermals - SL 4.7 based on 8 reviews

I needed a new pair of thermal top and pants for regular use. Woollen Wear was truly a saviour. Not only the products are WoolMark certified to guarantee the quality, but also extremely comfortable. I also got one in my size and it fit me perfectly. With no doubt, I can blindly rely on Woollen-Wear
Aparna Acharya
Nov 19 2022

I stay in a small town, so finding good quality woollen blend thermal clothing near my place was not possible. So instead I ordered them online from Woollen-Wear. The quality I relieved was supreme
Avni Kumari
Nov 19 2022

I bought my first woollen blend thermals online from Woollen-Wear. I didn’t expect the quality that I got. I was extremely happy and satisfied with the product. Everyone should buy them from Woollen-Wear
Shivani Prasad
Nov 19 2022

Most of the woollen blend thermals I had bought earlier were very uncomfortable due to the wrong proportion of wool in it. The ones I ordered from Woollen-Wear were really comfortable and I loved them
Meghna Das
Nov 18 2022

I had never been a fan of online shopping. I could never trust those online sites to provide quality products. I changed my mind about it instantly after ordering a pair of thermals from Woollen-Wear
Purvali Banerjee
Nov 18 2022

As I will be travelling to very low temperatures, I needed something to keep me warm throughout. Unlike the previous pair of thermal underwear, the ones I got from Woollen-Wear had no issue with forming heat pockets. The warm was spread evenly, keeping me comfortable throughout
Bhagyashree Roy
Nov 16 2022

WoolBlend Thermals - SL

  • 1.
    WoolMark Certified
  • 2.
    Machine Washable
  • 3.
    A Perfect blendedwool thermals
  • 4.
    Suitable for below Zero Degree Too
  • 5.
    Assured Satisfaction
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Women Inner Slip SL Combo Woolblend Thermal Cream
WoolMark Certified & Woolblend Material
SKU: EM432-EM435
Rs. 2,006.00
  • Size
  • Multiple Size Options Available
Women Inner Slip Woolblend SL Thermal Cream
WoolMark Certified & Woolblend Material
SKU: EM432
Rs. 819.00
  • Size
  • 80cm
  • 85cm
  • 90cm
  • 95cm
  • 100cm
  • 105cm
  • 110cm
  • 115cm
Women Inner Slip Woolblend SL Thermal dark grey
WoolMark Certified & Woolblend Material
SKU: EM462
Rs. 903.00
  • Size
  • 80cm
  • 85cm
  • 90cm
  • 95cm
  • 100cm
  • 105cm
  • 110cm
Women Inner Slip SL Combo Woolblend Thermal dark grey
WoolMark Certified & Woolblend Material
SKU: EM462-EM465
Rs. 2,210.00
  • Size
  • Multiple Size Options Available

Thermal Wear - WoolBlend Thermals available in Sleeves SL , etc

WoolBlend Wool Thermals For women | Woolen Thermals For Women

Requirement and Need for Thermals

Thermals help in keeping you warm during winters. The wool blend thermals keep your body warm and protect it from outside temperature during winter season or if you live in a cool region. The thermal layering is done inside the clothes which keep you cosy and comfortable. Read more

Styles of Thermal Clothing

There is not much variety when it comes to thermal wear for women. They are broadly classified into two, the one piece of thermal which can be either top or bottom and the two piece thermal clothing which comes in a combo set. You can also pick various sleeves in women’s thermal. Read more

Features of Thermals

The wool blend thermals are unique as they offer warmth resiliency, drapability, and absorbency. However, it depends on the ratio of blending. The blended wool is made of natural and manmade fibres which keeps you warm and can be easily layered inside clothes.

Benefits of Thermal Wear

  • The blended wool is warm and prevents you from feeling cold.
  • It has insulating properties for keeping you warm in cold.
  • They also help in regulating body’s temperature
  • They are breathable and odour-resistant. Read more

Guide to Buying Thermal Wear

The first thing to keep in mind is that there is no point in overspending as thermals can be bought in a budget also. The next thing to keep in mind is the fabric. It should be light weight and warm. You also need to pick the correct size of the thermal. 

When to Wear Thermals?

Theblended wool base layer for women is ideal to be worn during winters. It keeps the body warm protecting you from cold outside. You can also wear the thermals when travelling to a location with lower temperature so that thermal can regulate your body temperature.

Storing Thermals

Just like washing, you need to be careful in storing your blended or merino or quilted thermals for women.Make sure you discard thermals that are worn out. Good thermals can be stored in a container or storage bag. But make sure to wash them before you keep them for next season. Read More

Types of Woman Thermal

The Quilted thermals for women can be classified into various types of thermals such as camisole, blouses, inner wear/ under wear, bottoms, vests, and slip type tops. You can choose a type of thermal on the basis of the type of outfit you will be wearing over them.

How Thermals Work

The blended wool thermal women keep you exceptionally warm as the wool fibres are blended with natural and man-made fibres which keeps you warm. It has medium weight and satiny lustre which makes it soft on skin yet very warm. Read more

Material of Thermals

When it comes to material of thermal wear, it should be soft on the skin yet should be able to keep you warm. The thermals can be classified on the basis of material into synthetic, wool, silk, and cotton. People have various preferences when it comes to material of the thermals.  Read more

Sizes in Thermals

The women’s blended wool thermal is available in various sizes for accommodating needs of women with different body structure. You can buy the blended wool thermals in a size range of 80 cm to 120 cm for both the top and bottom wear. Read more

How to Layer Thermals?

The blended wool base layer womens differ in 3 ways.While you can wear the base layer close to skin such as thermal inner and underwear, the mid-layer is for additional thermal insulation. The top layer of thermal protects body from cold and severe climate. Read more

Difference between Light weight, Mid-weight, and Heavy weight thermals

The Merino wool base layer womens can be classified into three types. The light weight thermal is not very warm but you can wear it easily under your clothes. The mid weight thermal offers extra warmth for the colder weather and the heavy weight thermals are ideal for harsh climate. Read more

Taking Care of Thermals

The blended wool thermal women need extra care and precaution. You should machine wash them on gentle cycle in cold water and use only mild soap. Avoid bleaching chemicals at all cost along with the fabric softeners to preserve the shape and form of the thermal. Read more

How to Wash Thermals?

Even the best blended wool thermals for women need care while washing. The thermals should only be machine air-dried. You should not hand them for drying as it will affect their shape and form. Instead, lay them flat on a towel for drying under the sun. Read more

Styles of Thermals Wear Gender Based

There are only two major styles of blended wool thermals. First one is the one piece clothing i.e. bottoms or vests and other one is a combo pack which comes in a set of bottom and top.

Types of Thermal Clothing

The blended pure woolen thermals for women can be classified in to ultra-light weight, light weight, mid-weight, and heavy weight. You can also classify them on the basis of synthetic, cotton, wool, and silk thermal. Every type has its own characteristic and you can choose based on your requirement. Read more

Difference between Merino wool vs. Wool blend vs. Cotton Thermals

The 3 types of wool differ from each other as the merino wool is made of 100% extra fine wool, but the wool blend thermals is made of a combination of pure and man-made wool. On the other hand, the cotton wool is made of two layers of cotton with polyfill filled in between. Read more

Thermal Pricing

The wool blend thermals are quite affordable and can be bought either individually or in combo pack. While the thermal bottom wear is for Rs. 1000 and the top is for Rs. 600, you can buy the women thermal combo at Rs. 1900. Read more

Characteristics of a Good Thermal Wear

The characteristics of a good blended thermal are that it should fit on the skin properly. The thermal should be light weight and able to keep warm during cold and low temperatures. It should be able to absorb sweat. Read more

Why buy from us?

You must buy blended wool thermals for womenfrom us because we are one-stop-destination for your thermal needs. We offer quality thermals in a wide-range of fabrics, colours, and sizes to accommodate needs of all. We also offer fast shipping services.

Colours for Thermals

Though there is a variety of colours available when it comes to women’s thermals, when we talk about the blended wool thermals for women's online, you can find them only in cream colour. However, it is a sober colour and can be worn inside your outfits easily.

Sleeves of Thermals Based on the page

You will find standard sleeves for all thermal wear for women. Even inblended wool thermals, you will find three types of sleeves, the full length, half-length and sleeveless vests. The sleeveless covers only chest while other two can offer better protection in extreme cold.

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